Ideas for September

Ideas for September


  • Watering: This month may be cooler, and have had some downpours, but it is still very dry and the winds will be increasing the drying effect on plants. Keep up regular watering of your pots and garden as you may note that plants which made it through the summer drought now start to flag.


  • Deadheading: Keep deadheading your late flowering plants, such as dahlias, asters, roses etc. With the warm weather this month they will keep on developing and blooming for many more weeks.


  • Take cuttings: If you haven’t tried this method of propagating plants before, why not give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Plants such as salvias, pelargoniums and penstemon are relatively easy to take cuttings from and ensure you have a supply of new plants for next year.


  • Plant or move shrubs: If you want to fill a larger gap, or re-site a larger plant around the garden, now is a good time. This will give the plant a chance to re-root before winter sets in.



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