Ideas for June

Ideas for June


  • Plan your watering. The weather has been dry and now it is unsettled. You will find new planting and plants in dry patches need watering until more rain has fallen, but try to conserve water where possible.


  • Plant out veg. It is not too late to get vegetable crops like beans, squash and pumpkins into the ground, or sow some veg like chard or beetroot.


  • Make a summer container. Fill a pot, or other container like a wooden box, with multipurpose compost and plant it with summer flowers or herbs to make a colourful or useful container.


  • Deadhead roses. Roses are looking fantastic this year, so on repeat-flowering roses, cut back the stem with a faded bloom to just above the next node (where there is a leaf or bud on the stem). Preferably choose a node that faces outward from the plant to keep a better plant shape.

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