Ideas for May

Ideas for May


  • Watch out for Pests and Weeds – Slugs and snails are coming out in force, as are aphids and sawfly larvae. Check your plants regularly and take action when you see pests. A sudden rush of growth in the warm weather has also meant it time to start weeding like your life depends on it.


  • Pond Maintenance – Treat your pond like any other part of your garden. May is a good time to get in the pond and cut back old growth, top up aquatic baskets with new compost and check you have enough oxygenating weed (and buy more if not). 



  • Watering – Young and growing plants in pots will need carefully checking for watering as the weather warms. Don’t drown plants and leave the soil permanently soggy, and don’t let things dry out completely as both these things will cause stress and damage.


  • Finish off your planting – Get new planting and annual bedding in the ground by the end of May. Planting in June and beyond will mean your plants probably won’t get enough moisture in the soil, or time to develop their roots before summer flowering starts.  

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