Ideas for February

Ideas for February
  • Start sowing: You can start off vegetables and flowers indoors. If you don’t have a greenhouse or a propagator, a warm windowsill will do.


  • Start weeding: Even at this time of year unwanted plants are sprouting. Common weeds like hairy bittercress and celandine are growing, and tree seedlings will be sprouting. Hoe them off now to keep your beds clearer for the coming year.


  • Keep warm: Thermal gloves, thermal workwear, windproof clothing, extra socks, scarves…. It’s possible to work outside in this weather, but you need to wrap up.


  • Think ahead: Draw up a timetable for the year – lawncare, planting, hedge trimming, veg growing? What time will you be spending in the garden in the coming months?

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